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“A lot of nonsense about a broken signal box... Too many of those if you ask me!”
Gordon, The Deputation, The Twin Engines

Signal Boxes (known as Signal House in TATMR) are where the signalmen work. Signal boxes can be seen throughout Sodor.

In signal boxes, the signalmen control the points, point locks, signals, level crossing gates and occasionally movable bridges using levers located in what is known as a lever frame. Levers in signal boxes are coloured according to their function; reds are stop signals, black for points, yellow for distant signals, blue for point locks, brown for gate locks and whites for spares. By operating the levers, signalmen can send an engine onto a siding to allow another engine to pass, for example. They may also change the indication of a signal, giving an engine directions. 

Donald once crashed his tender into a signal box.

Types of Signal Boxes


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