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“But you're not just ANY tram! You're the number seven, brown tram engine who can do ANYTHING!”
―Thomas to Toby

Signals Crossed is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Toby and Henrietta are going to Knapford Station to collect some workmen, but Toby is nervous; all the signals confuse him. Henrietta reminds him that green means "go" and red means "stop" so when a signal turns green, Toby trundles forwards and almost collides with Gordon. Then, two signals turn green and Toby starts again, but this time he almost hits Henry. Toby tries once more and narrowly avoids crashing into Hiro. The signals keep changing and Toby keeps trying to move, but he is always cut off by other engines. Eventually, even Henrietta grows impatient.

In the end, Toby just shuts his eyes and charges towards the station, but he doesn't stop at the platform for the workmen. Toby speeds straight past Thomas and hides behind a signalbox. Thomas puffs off to find Toby. When he does, the old tram engine says he is counting the bricks in the wall of the signalbox. Thomas sees straight through Toby's feeble excuse and the nervous tram engines confesses that he is extremely confused about Knapford Junction. Thomas explains that Toby only needs to take notice of the signal directly above his line, but Toby still thinks Knapford is too big for such a small tram engine. Thomas reminds Toby that he isn't just an old tram engine; he's the number seven brown tram engine who can do anything.

When Toby arrives back at Knapford Station, it is busier than ever. He is worried that the workmen will not get to the quarry on time. Toby waits and waits for the signal above his line to change, but it doesn't. Suddenly, James pulls up behind Toby and loses his patience. James starts to shove Toby, but the tram engine will not budge. Sir Topham Hatt is very cross with Toby until he looks up and sees that the signal is indeed still red. Toby had been right not to move all along. The Fat Controller congratulates Toby for not going through the red light. Toby is very happy that he had been right and ever since, he has not been scared of Knapford Junction.




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