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“Phe-eew! Fish smell so... fishy! Now I pong like a haul of herrings, too!”

Silly Billy is a magazine story.


Billy's paintwork is sooty and covered in smudges. When he arrives at the washdown, Emily is being hosed down. Billy does not want to wait, so he decides to pop the bubbles that Emily's wash is producing. He soon pops them all, but then he overhears the Fat Controller telling a workman that he needs an engine to get some fish. Billy announces that he will do it and rushes to collect the fish wagons before the Fat Controller can reply. At the fish market, the manager is surprised to see the fish train so early. Soon boxes of fish are stacked into Billy's wagons and he sets off to deliver them. Billy then starts complaining that he smells of fish and once he has delivered them all, he returns to the station where the Fat Controller tells Billy that he wanted him to collect fishermen - not fish. Billy is annoyed, if only he had listened to the Fat Controller he would not be smelling of fish. Billy hurries off to the washdown. This time, he does not chase bubbles and just waits quietly and patiently for his turn.



  • The fish wagons are just ordinary trucks with fish in them, thus being unsanitary.


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