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The Silver Jubilee was a train mentioned in Thomas and the Fat Controller's Engines.


The Silver Jubilee was a named train of the London and North Eastern Railway. It began service on September 30th, 1935, travelling between London King's Cross and Newcastle upon Tyne. It ran the journey at an average speed of 67 mph, taking four hours to complete it.

The train was made in the year of King George V's Silver Jubilee and was painted silver throughout. It was composed of two twin-set articulated coaches and one triple-set; seven coaches in all.

The train set a new standard for speed in Britain at that time. The service continued until 1939.

They were pulled by A4 locomotives No. 2509 Silver Link, No. 2510 Quicksilver, No. 2511 Silver King, and No. 2512 Silver Fox.

Bio in the Railway Series

Gordon said that Flying Scotsman told him about the Silver Jubilee.


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