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Sing-a-Long 4 is a Hong Kong DVD/book featuring seven songs from tenth series and one from The Great Discovery and Series 13.


  1. Doing it Right (2 minute cut)
  2. Favourite Place (2 minute cut)
  3. H is for Harold (2 minute cut)
  4. Navigation (2 minute cut)
  5. There's Always Something New (2 minute cut)
  6. Responsibility (2 minute cut)
  7. Strength (2 minute cut)
  8. Engine Roll Call (1 and 1/2 minute cut)
  9. Thomas, You're the Leader (Series 13 version)


  • All the Series 10 songs on the DVD are the "short versions"; the 2 minute cuts of the songs as seen in the Series 10 TV airings.
  • The DVD features both music video and sing-along lyric versions of the songs. It also features both instrumental and English audio for the songs.



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