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Singalong with Thomas is a UK VHS featuring one third series song, all fourth series songs and eight fifth series songs.


Join in and sing-along with Thomas & Friends in this beautifully animated video of wonderful songs. Also on board, as an extra special treat, is Sir Topham Hatt, a song which has never been featured on video before.


  1. Thomas We Love You
  2. Gone Fishing
  3. A Really Useful Engine
  4. Sir Topham Hatt
  5. Don't Judge a Book By its Cover
  6. Toby
  7. Let's Have a Race
  8. The Island Song
  9. It's Great to be an Engine
  10. Come for the Ride
  11. Accidents Will Happen
  12. The Snow Song
  13. Harold the Helicopter
  14. Percy's Seaside Trip
  15. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining


  • This was the first UK VHS to use the current Thomas & Friends logo on its cover.
  • On the back cover, the images of Thomas at Ffarquhar from Thomas and the Guard and Toby from Bulls Eyes are mirrored. There is also an image from Edward's Exploit.
  • Thomas We Love You, Sir Topham Hatt, Let's Have a Race, It's Great to be an Engine, Come for the Ride, Accidents Will Happen, The Snow Song, Harold the Helicopter and Percy's Seaside Trip were used in the Australian releases of Happy Holidays, ABC for Kids - Let's Sing and Dance and Truck Loads of Fun.
  • Gone Fishing is the only song for which the title card does not have the end of the Thomas theme playing in it. The title card instead plays over the opening notes of the song.
  • The cover reverse includes a recipe.
  • This is the last time a new Britt Allcroft logo is used before it changed to Gullane Entertainment.


  • The first few seconds of Really Useful Engine are cut off.
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