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“Bust my buffers!”
―Sir Handel

Sir Handel in Charge is the twenty-fifth episode of the eleventh series.


Sir Handel is given the job of overseeing an important special while the Thin Controller is at a meeting with the Fat Controller, but he daydreams and does not listen to the others. Thomas arrives to find the special unready and Sir Handel races to correct his errors.




  • Going by production order, this is the twelfth episode of the eleventh series.


  • When the narrator says "The other engines do as he tells them," Rheneas, Skarloey and Sir Handel are all set further back along the tracks, and then set back to their original positions just after that.
  • When Sir Handel finds Duncan and Peter Sam for the first time, Sir Handel and Duncan's steam platforms are visible.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Chinese 汉德先生负责
Czech Pan Handel přebírá velení
Danish Sir Handel Bestemmer
Dutch Sir Handel heeft de leiding
Finnish Sir Hanski Työnjohtajana
German Sir Handel führt das Kommando
Hungarian Sir Handel a felelős
Japanese サー・ハンデルはせきにんしゃ
Korean 헨델은 기관차 반장
Norwegian Sir Handel får ansvaret
Polish Pan Handel Dyryguje
Romanian Sir Handel este Șeful
Slovak Pán Handel preberá velenie
Spanish Sir Handel al mando
Swedish Enligt Sir Händels Ansvar
Thai เซอร์แฮนเดิลมาคุม

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