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Sir Topham Hatt's Assistants are two men dressed in blue uniforms who Sir Topham Hatt is often accompanied by. 


Sir Topham Hatt's Assistants are men who are often seen helping Sir Topham Hatt when he is working. Various men appear with him, but the two that mainly appear, is a man with blonde hair and a man with brown hair.


Sir Topham Hatt’s two valets are stoic and silent. They do not talk, nor do they ever appear out-of-uniform. Generally, they are inclined to display emotions akin to that of Sir Topham Hatt, but both have showed a humorous side, such as smirking at each other or exchanging smug looks when Sir Topham Hatt or someone else does something odd or humorous. While the two are never seen speaking to each other, they have shown apt teamwork skills and compatibility when working together, even in physically strenuous situations. While it is not known where they live or what they do in off time, since they are seen with Sir Topham Hatt around the clock, it is safe to say they live near the Hatt residence to be on call for duty.


The two men wear the standard Stationmaster uniform, they have blonde and brown hair respectively, the blonde man has light blue eyes, while the other has dark brown eyes.


The Blond Assistant

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The Brown-haired Assistant

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Voice Actors

Blond Assistant:

Brown-Haired Assistant:


  • Concept art for the twelfth series episode, Saved You!, refers to the men as minders.
  • In the sixteenth series episode, Percy and the Calliope, the Fat Controller's assistants are referred to as helpers.
  • In the music video Down by the Docks the Lighthouse Keeper is seen with one of their fifth series heads.
  • The only time the blond assistant is observed to speak is in the eighteenth series episode, Signals Crossed.
  • The only time the brown-haired assistant is observed to speak is in the twenty-first series episode, Terence Breaks the Ice.

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