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“I'm braver than I thought.”

Skarloey Storms Through is the twenty-first episode of the eleventh series.


One rainy day, Skarloey is delivering slate trucks when he sees a farmer flagging him down. The farmer warns Skarloey that a storm is approaching, and sheep need to be taken from the hills into the barn. Skarloey sets off to the depot to warn the other engines of the emergency situation. Upon arrival, he meets Rheneas and Peter Sam, along with The Thin Controller. Skarloey warns the three about the incoming storm. The Thin Controller informs the engines to take the trucks to the top of the hill and then take the sheep back down to the farmer. While Rheneas and Peter Sam are excited to work, Skarloey is immediately scared from the thunder, and decides not to tell his friends so that he will not look silly.

When the three engines arrive with empty trucks at the bottom of the hill to load the sheep, Skarloey is immediately frightened by a louder thunderclap and he shivers. Rheneas and Peter Sam continue up the hill, but Skarloey stays behind, as he does not feel as brave as the other engines, so he reverses back down the hill and hides in a shed. Meanwhile, the other two engines were coming up and down the hill with loads of sheep. Skarloey watches the sheep being unloaded, all the while too scared to help his friends.

Later, Rheneas and Peter Sam have taken so many trips that they have run out of coal in their bunkers. Skarloey notices the two looking very tired and sad. He also notices the farmers concerned about the sheep, who may also be scared of the storm, and have let them all down. Skarloey exits from his retreat and Rheneas and Peter Sam are happy to see him. Rheneas notes that he has not seen him for a long time and Skarloey admits that he was too scared of the thunder and lightning to help everyone. Plucking up courage, Skarloey does not notice the thunder and lightning and heads back to work.

This time, Skarloey bravely puffs up the hill to find the remainder of the sheep waiting for him. The farmer is very pleased to see him. With the sheep loaded, Skarloey puffs down the hill. Despite being hard work, Skarloey does not give up on the work and soon finishes the job just in time. He then realises that he is much braver than he had thought. Rheneas and Peter Sam are waiting for Skarloey at the bottom of the hill, where both the two and the farmer give him three cheers for his bravery. Skarloey still remains very happy, and the thunder and lightning no longer scare him a bit.





  • In the beginning, when Skarloey is shown passing the farmer, he is wearing Rheneas' smiling face. Then, in every shot of Skarloey hiding in the shed, he is shown wearing one of Rheneas' sad faces. Due to this, his nose and eyebrows also change shape in those scenes.
  • When the lightning strikes the second time, Skarloey rattles so much that he derails.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 史卡洛穿越暴风雪
Czech Skarloey se řítí bouří
Danish Skarloey rider stormen af
Dutch Skarloey Gaat als de Bliksem
Finnish Rohkea Santeri
German Skarloey besiegt seine Angst
Hungarian Skarloey viharba kerül
Indonesian Skarloey Menembus Badai
Japanese あらしのなかのスカーロイ
Korean 폭풍 속의 스카로이
Latin American Spanish Skarloey Vence la Tormenta
Norwegian Skarloey i uvær
Polish Sławek i Burza
Portuguese Skarloey e a Trovoada
Romanian Skarloey Trece Prin Furtună
Russian Скарлоуи преодолевает грозу
Spanish Skarloey Capea el Temporal
Swedish Skarloey Stormar Forwards

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