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Skarloey the Brave is the twenty-second episode of the ninth series.


One morning, Skarloey and Rheneas are shunting at the incline, when a line of trucks break away and come racing towards Skarloey. Skarloey hurries away and rolls into a siding, where the trucks safely thunder past to avoid a collision. As they head into the Transfer Yards, Rusty quickly tells the workmen to set the points, and the runaway trucks are diverted into a siding where they are stopped by a snowdrift. Skarloey thinks he was very brave, but Rusty gets all the credit. This annoys Skarloey, and vows to show everybody how he is very brave.

When Skarloey starts shunting the next day, he does not uncouple from his trucks and is pulled up the incline, much to Rheneas' and Duncan's surprise. However, due to Skarloey's weight, the winch breaks and he plummets down the incline, ending up in a snowdrift in the same siding he was at the day before. Skarloey is later told by the Thin Controller that, as a consequence of his actions, several mountain villages will not get any coal as the winch is unable to get the trucks down that Skarloey needs. Knowing that it is his fault, he climbs up the steep railway to get to the top of the winch the other way. Rheneas and Duncan ask him if he is going to be brave and race down the incline again, but this time, Skarloey politely refuses, and delivers the coal to all the villages who are extremely grateful.




  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-fifth episode of the ninth series.
  • The Refreshment Coach model before its restoration can be seen next to Skarloey after he gets pulled out of the snowbank.
  • This the third time that trucks break away from the incline, the first being the fourth series episode, Trucks, and the second being the fifth series episode, Snow.
  • This is the fourth episode in the ninth series, after Rheneas and the Dinosaur, The Magic Lamp and Emily Knows Best where Thomas appears, but does not speak.
  • This episode features similar plot elements to the sixth series episode, Dunkin Duncan, in which a narrow gauge engine is pulled up the incline and then unexpectedly ends up in an accident. However, in this case, Skarloey does it on purpose.
  • In the US dub of this episode, the sound effects at the Incline are absent.


  • The snow explodes before Skarloey hits it.
  • When Skarloey races down the incline his back wheel is derailed.
  • The track sinks slightly when Skarloey races past Thomas.
  • When Skarloey gets an idea his steam platform can be seen before he stops.
  • In a first person shot of Skarloey the track is bent.
  • When Rheneas says "That would be really brave!" his left eye (viewers right) slightly moves on its own.
  • Towards the end of the episode Skarloey's eyes are misaligned a bit.
  • One of the villagers is frowning.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Arabic سكارلوي الشجاع
Brazilian Portuguese O Valente Skarloey
Chinese Mandarin 勇敢的史卡洛
Croatian Hrabri Vinko
Czech Statečný Skarloey
Danish Skarloey den tabre
Dutch Skarloey de dappere
Finnish Urhea Santeri
German Die mutigste Lok der Welt
Hungarian Skarloey a Bátor
Indonesian Skarloey si Pemberani
Italian Il Coraggioso Skarloey
Japanese ゆうかんなスカーロイ
Korean 용감한 스카로이
Latin American Spanish El Valiente Skarloey
Norwegian Den modige Skarloey
Polish Odważny Sławek
Portuguese Skarloey o Valente
Romanian Skarloey cel Curajos
Russian Храбрый Скарлуи
Scottish Gaelic Skarloey an Loach
Spanish Skarloey el valiente
Swedish Den modige Skarlo
Turkish Cesur Skarloey


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