“I don't like such silly games!”

Sky Shapes is a rhyming magazine story.


The engines are watching clouds go by. Thomas sees a ship and Mavis sees a giant fish. The engines decide to turn the cloud watching into a game and soon all the engines are racing about trying to spot clouds in the sky. Bill, Ben and Harvey see a car and a tree.

James refuses to join in the fun and calls the engines' game silly. Then, the engines spot a kite flying high in the air. The engines try to alert James to the kite, but he ignores them. To James' surprise, the kite falls out of the sky and hits him.



  • Steam is seen coming out of Mavis' funnel, but she is a diesel.
  • Mavis does not appear to be on the rails in the second illustration.
  • In the last illustration, Duck's running board is red.
  • Harvey's buffers are black, but they should be brown.


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