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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the Italian DVD.

“We found him! We found our sleeping beauty!"
"Excuse me, are you a vandal? Driver told me vandals break in and smash things.”
―Duke and The visitors

Sleeping Beauty is the second episode of the fourth series. It is based on the story of the same name from the Railway Series book Duke the Lost Engine.


After a hard day's work, the engines return to the shed and ask Thomas to continue the story of Duke. After recapping the story, Thomas continues.

While Duke was in his shed for many years, he was certainly not forgotten, and a group of adventurers approached the Fat Controller with a plan to find and rescue Duke. The team was prepared with maps and knew where to look, so the Fat Controller agreed. Everyone set off to the mountains in a train (Skarloey) and began the long search. As the days passed, the search grew harder and there was no sign of Duke, but the rescuers were just as determined to find him.

The search soon finally ended, quite by accident, when one of the team members fell through the roof of Duke's shed, having not realised he was standing on it and age had weakened the roof to where it could collapse. Duke woke up and asked the men if they were vandals, but they assured him that they were there to rescue him and reunite him with Stuart and Falcon. Much to his delight that they did remember. After digging him out of the shed, they took Duke to his new home, the Skarloey Railway. Falcon and Stuart - now renamed Sir Handel and Peter Sam - were ready to greet their old friend, but they saw that he was asleep in the shed. They hushed each other, but it was too late as they had already disturbed him, so he complained that they woke him up and started to tell them about the older days. The two engines laughed at this and told Duke that they were all due to go back to work the next day and they could keep Duke in order. Duke pretended to be cross, but he could not have been happier to be reunited with the engines.

As Thomas concludes his story, all the engines agree on what a good story it was and how glad they are that it had a happy ending before going happily to sleep.




  • Stock footage from the fourth series episode Granpuff is used.
  • At the end of the episode, Falcon and Stuart are still referred to as such despite clearly having their new nameplates. Additionally, Stuart/Peter Sam still has his old funnel in the scene, consistent with Duke's first cameo happening in the fourth series episode, Trucks.
  • Thomas is wearing his original smiling face in some images of this episode. It did make an appearance onscreen when Thomas tells the story about Duke, but only in the promotional images. The same thing applies with James' original smiling face too. It also made an appearance on the screen only in promotional images.
  • Thomas' whistle is not heard in the beginning of the episode in the US dub.
  • Duck is the only engine from the previous episode to not reappear at Tidmouth when Thomas is telling the story; James takes his place.
  • Many whistle sounds are missing in the American version and early UK version of this episode, such as Thomas' whistle at the beginning.
  • The map of the Mid Sodor Railway is actually based on a map of the Isle of Wight's railway network, flipped upside-down.
  • On Storytime with Thomas, this episode aired back-to-back with the fifth series episode, Duncan Gets Spooked.
  • This episode marks the first of a few things:
    • The first episode to use a scale model for a Skarloey Railway engine.
    • The first appearance of Henry's unused drowsy face from the third series.
    • The first appearance of Gordon's sleeping face.
  • This episode's title refers to the fairy tale of the same name about a princess who falls asleep for one hundred years due to a curse.
  • In the original UK dub and the US dub, in the scene when Stuart and Falcon left, their whistle sounds are omitted.
  • The three berth garage from TUGS is visible at the end.
  • This is the only fourth series episode to feature the short wheelbase plank trucks.
  • A map of the east of Sodor, which features Crovan's Gate and the Skarloey Railway, is seen alongside other maps inside the Fat Controller's office. It is also seen in the fifth series episodes, Bye George!, Oliver's Find and Busy Going Backwards. The map was made in the fourth series, and was used as geographical reference for the locations in concept arts.


  • In the last scene of Falcon and Stuart, Stuart is tilted slightly.
  • In the original UK and international dubs, Skarloey has Rheneas/Stepney's original whistle sound.
  • In the US dub, when Stuart and Falcon meet Duke on the Skarloey Railway, Stuart has Smudger's whistle sound and Falcon has a different whistle sound similar to Lady/Millie's.
  • When Skarloey starts his journey, he is facing forwards, but in every shot after that, he is facing backwards. This was likely done so that his face would not to be shown on screen until the fourth series episode, Four Little Engines.
  • When the journey begins the coach's roof is lifted. The brake van's roof is also lifted in one scene during the journey.
  • When Stuart and Falcon arrive at the sheds, the tracks behind them come to an end, and one leads straight into a bush.
  • Duke's right eye (viewers' left) slightly pops out of his face when he grumbles "You woke me up!"
  • Percy's right lamp iron (viewers' left) is crooked.


[first lines]
Percy: Thomas. Will you tell us the end of the story?
Thomas: You mean the one about "Duke the Lost Engine"?
Henry: Exactly.
James: But please remind us of the story so far.

Rescuers: [looking at maps in search of Duke] We want to find Duke and make him happy again. If we follow the old line shown here on the map. We'll travel north of the village and then into the mountains. And look. There's a sign for the old station. If Duke's anywhere, he's there.

[the rescuers unexpectedly find Duke in his buried shed]
Rescuers: We found him! We found our sleeping beauty!
Duke: Excuse me! Are you a vandal? Driver told me vandals break and smash things!
Rescuers: Bless you, no! We've dropped in because we couldn't find your door. Falcon and Stuart will be pleased to see you.
Duke: So they did remember!

[Stuart and Falcon prepare Duke a big welcoming return]
Stuart and Falcon: He's here! Shh! Shh!
Duke: You woke me up! In my young days engines were...
Stuart: Seen and not heard, Granpuff. We know!
Falcon: We'll all be back to work tomorrow. We're glad you've come back, we can keep you in order now.
Duke: Keep me in order?! Be off with you! [Stuart and Falcon leave] Impudent scallywags.

[last lines]
Thomas: And that, is the whole story. Did you like it?
Percy: Yes indeed.
James: Especially the happy ending.
Narrator: And soon, they were all asleep too.
[all the engines fall happily to sleep]


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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese A Bela Adormecida
Chinese Mandarin 睡美人
Czech Šípková Růženka
Danish Sovetrynen
Dutch De Schone Slaper
Finnish Unikeon Etsintä
French La Belle au Bois Dormant
German Schlafende Schönheit
Greek Το τρένο που κοιμόταν
Hungarian Csipkerózsika
Italian Bella Addormentata
Japanese ねむりひめをさがせ
Korean 잠자는 듀크
Latin American Spanish La Bella Durmiente
Norwegian Syvsoveren
Polish Gdzie jest Dziadek? (Original)
Śpiąca Królewna (Alternate)
Romanian Frumoasa Adormită
Russian Спящая красавица
Serbian Uspavana Lepotica
Slovenian Trnjulčica
Swedish Sömntuta
Ukrainian Сплячий Красень
Welsh Y Cysgadur

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