“Great rusty rails!”

Sleepy Sam is a magazine story.


Percy often takes the last train on Thomas' Branch Line. It runs late in the evening and Sam, a porter, has to hurry to catch it. During every journey, Sam ends up falling asleep. Percy always wakes him up by blowing his whistle when they reach Sam's station.

One day, Sam is back at work bright and early. The Fat Controller thinks that Sam has been working too hard and gives him the next day off. Percy is to take a special train to the Sodor Railway Museum. Sam and his family decide to visit too.

When Percy pulls up to the main station the following morning, Sam and his family are the first to board his train. It is not long before Percy arrives at the museum. Sam and his family have a wonderful time looking at the old engines and pieces of rolling stock.

Later, when Percy returns to collect everyone, Sam has gone missing. His family is very worried about him. Percy can see into the museum and he spies some old carriages. He tells everyone on the platform to cover their ears as he toots a very loud whistle. Just then, Sam comes running out of the museum; he had fallen asleep in one of the railway carriages.



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