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This article is about the South African DVD. You may be looking for the episode or the Thai DVD.

Smoke and Mirrors is a South African DVD featuring six episodes from the eleventh series narrated by Michael Angelis.


Thomas is to pick up some important items for the finale of a magician's magic show. His reward for a job well done will be a role in the show! Thomas can't stop thinking about being in the magic show and collects all the wrong items. When he returns and realises what he has done he feels very silly. Thomas puffs off to collect the correct items even though he'll miss the show. He arrives back with the correct items just in time for the grand finale. Thomas is delighted when the magician performs some amazing tricks with him!


  1. Smoke and Mirrors
  2. Hector the Horrid
  3. Skarloey Storms Through
  4. Sir Handel in Charge
  5. Henry's Lucky Day
  6. Don't be Silly, Billy