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“It's a snowball!"
"It's a snow house!"
"It's an engine!”
Workmen speculating over Skarloey's "igloo"

Snow is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the fifth series. It aired alongside A Big Surprise for Percy during an airing of Storytime with Thomas in the US.


One winter day on the Island of Sodor, a thick layer of snow has fallen and all engines have gone to work except Percy, who is stuck in a snowdrift. Thomas finds Percy and tells him that there is no time for resting, but is told that Percy's crew have just left to seek help. Thomas scoffs at this but continues his journey to clear the rest of the snowed in railway lines. Later, he has to clear snow from a tunnel but the snow is deep enough for him to get stuck, much to Thomas' annoyance. Rusty is working close by, so to pass the time, he tells Thomas a story.

One snowy day, Skarloey was travelling up to the slate mine when he passed through a ravine. Whenever snow came, work became difficult in the slate mines and snow was used as a "double buffer zone" to stop trucks from falling into the ravine below. One day, Skarloey was travelling to the mines with empty trucks, while at the mine, the winch that hauls the trucks up and down the incline was not working properly. When Skarloey reached the ravine, his driver was concerned that any noise could cause an avalanche, so he set an emergency cap. When Skarloey ran over it, the bang echoed around the gorge but nothing happened, so his crew decided to make a cup of cocoa before going on their way. However, up in the slate mines a long line of full trucks were to be winched down the slope, but the winch became jammed when some empty trucks derailed. A coupling on the full trucks snapped and they ran down the slope. A workman thought the snowbank and buffers would stop the runaway, but he was wrong. The trucks instead broke through the buffers, plowed through the snowbank and plunged into the ravine, and all the noise from the trucks caused an avalanche which buried Skarloey deep inside. When Rusty came to the rescue, they discovered that Skarloey's heat had created an igloo, and inside they found Skarloey's crew nonchalantly sipping cocoa.

Thomas uses this as an example about how trucks can be so troublesome while Rusty states the same for snow. The workmen finally clear the snow from behind Thomas, but Gordon then arrives with his snow machine to clear away drifts. Gordon loudly blows steam and causes an avalanche, burying him in snow. Gordon cries for help, and Thomas jokes that if Skarloey could emerge from an avalanche laughing, Gordon could do the same. In reply, Gordon just scoffs and falls silent as the snow.





  • In various scenes, part of Skarloey's cab roof is snapped.
  • When the trucks race down the incline, the middle truck derails.
  • When the trucks crash through the snow bank and buffers, they are coupled, but they fall off separately, one by one. Additionally, a truck is missing when they fall into the ravine.
  • When the trucks are on the incline, the front truck has a narrow-gauge truck face, but when it races down the incline, it has a standard-gauge truck face. Both are due to the fact that different scale models were used.
  • When Thomas talks to Percy, his eyes are wonky.
  • Rusty's face changes size during the scene of Skarloey being rescued due to his large scale model being used.
  • A wire can be seen between Rusty and his coach after the workmen have removed the ice from Skarloey.
  • In the first shot of Skarloey going through the ravine, he jerks a little.
  • In the scene where the empty trucks derail, string can be seen pulling those trucks.
  • When Rusty says "Or snow," he is covered in snow before Gordon comes by.


Thomas: Come on, Percy, this is no time to have a rest.
Percy: I'm stuck, and my funnel's freezing up. Driver's gone for help.
Thomas: [scoffs] Ha!

Thomas: Snow is nothing but trouble.

Rusty: Driver says this winter is as bad as the worse winter of all.
Thomas: How worse?
Rusty: I'll tell you.
Narrator: And the little engine did.
[he recalls of a flashback of Skarloey working in the mountains]
Story: Skarloey was working the line to the slate mine in the mountains. When the snow came, it was difficult to work. They used the snow as a double buffer zone to help stop cars skidding through the ravine. One day, Skarloey set off to the mine with some empty trucks. Meanwhile, there was trouble at the mine. The winch that hauls the trucks up and down wasn't working properly. Skarloey had reached the ravine. High above him were the mine yards.

Skarloey's driver: [about the ravine] That snow looks dangerous. The sound of your engine and the trucks could cause an avalanche. I'll set off an emergency cap and see what happens. [Skarloey watches his crew prepare the cap; they then run over it, causing the bang to echo throughout the gorge, but nothing happens] Good. All's well. We'll have a cup of cocoa and then make our way.

Trucks: Break It! Snap It! (a coupling snaps) On! On! On! Faster! Faster!
Workman: The snowbank and buffers will stop them.
Narrator: But he was wrong.
[the trucks plunge into the ravine]

Skarloey and his crew: AVALANCHE!!!

Rusty: And then came the funny part.
Thomas: What's the funny part about an avalanche?
Rusty: Well... [cut back to the ravine] No one knew that the heat from Skarloey's engine had helped to make an igloo.
Workmen: It's a snowball. It's a snow house. It's an engine!
Rusty: They cleared away the ice, only to find Skarloey's driver and fireman drinking cocoa, as if nothing had happened!
Thomas: Lucky for him. But it just goes to show you can't trust trucks...
Rusty: ...or snow.

Gordon: (puffs by with his snow machine) Hey, look out! There's snow about! (nears the tunnel and loudly wheeshes steam) Uh-oh! UK dub: / Oh, no! US dub: (a big pile of snow buries him completely)

Gordon[covered in snow] Help!
Thomas: If Skarloey survived a snowfall, surely, a big, proud engine like you could do the same.
Gordon[furiously] Pah!


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