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“Just an observation, Mr. Oliver: snow is magical."
―Toad and Oliver

Snow Engine, lengthen to Oliver the Snow Engine in one American release, is the fourteenth episode of the seventh series.


Oliver hates the snow, but Toad believes that it is splendid, which irritates Oliver. While working, they see some children building a huge snowman and Toad observes that snow is magical, though Oliver still disagrees. After finishing all his work, Oliver is annoyed when the Fat Controller tells him he has to take a special to a mountain village. When Oliver still complains that the snow makes his wheel shiver, the Fat Controller sternly tells him to do as he is told, which he reluctantly does. However, a frozen set of points causes Oliver to slip on some icy rails and he ends up crashing through the buffers of a siding and into the stomach of the children's snowman.

Oliver's driver telephones for help, but comes back with bad news; it is too late to rescue Oliver, so he and Toad spend a cold and uncomfortable night in a snowfall while his driver spends the night in a Village Inn. When the children see Oliver fast asleep the next morning, they think the snowman has grown eyes in its stomach. This gives them an idea and dress Oliver up as a snowman. When Oliver wakes up, he is amused by all the happy children, and by the time Duck arrives to rescue him, he now appreciates the snow. Toad, on the other hand, has changed his mind.




  • Going by production order, this is the sixteenth episode of the seventh series.
  • A deleted and extended stock footage from Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure is used.
  • In the UK dub, the narrator meows when the cat first appears; while in the US dub, the cat just meows on his own.
  • In the UK and most international dubs (excluding the Latin American Spanish dub):
    • Whenever Oliver passes the children building the snowman, an instrumental version of the Snow Song is heard playing in the background.
    • Gordon's theme is playing when Oliver exits Tidmouth Tunnel until his crash into the snowman.
    • The song "My Bonnie" can be heard when Oliver's driver leaves Oliver during the night.
  • The footage of Oliver about to crash into the buffers at the village was slowed down.
  • This episode marks the last of several things:
  • The station Oliver and Toad are at in the beginning of the episode appears to be the set for Maron Station redressed, with sheds added and the canopy removed.
  • CiTV repeated this episode early on Christmas Eve morning 2004; RusstyRuss had a post on Twitter which shown all the TV programme airings from the Christmas 2004 edition of Radio Times.


  • Throughout the episode, Oliver is missing his right lamp iron.
  • When Oliver passes the level crossing before he crashes, there is no one in his cab, despite the narrator saying that Oliver's driver applied the brakes.
  • When Oliver says "Pah!", his train is missing.
  • Just before Oliver crashes into the snowman, the corner of the set is visible.
  • When Oliver arrives to his shed, one of his helpers is stood next to the Fat Controller. However, the helper is gone in the close-up of the Fat Controller. However, he suddenly reappears in the next frame.
  • When Oliver is diverted onto the siding, the tracks behind him lead to a dead end in the bushes.
  • When Oliver crashes into the snowman, his eyes are covered in snow, but after the snowman's head falls onto the ground, Oliver's eyes are suddenly clean.
  • The amount of snow on Oliver changes between shots throughout the episode.
  • When Oliver gets diverted onto the siding, he passes the crossing and station twice.


  • Oliver: I'm a Great Western engine. I shouldn't have to shiver.
  • Toad: Begging your pardon, Mr. Oliver. But I think snow is splendid.
  • Oliver: Hurrumph!


  • Toad: Is there a problem, Mr. Oliver?
  • Oliver: Yes! (crashes into the buffers and the snowman) There is!
  • Toad: (sliding alongside Oliver) That could have been a little smoother...


  • Girl: Look! Our snowman has eyes in its tummy!
  • Boy: No, it doesn't. It's Oliver!
  • [the children put the snowman's clothes on Oliver]
  • Children: Oliver's a wonderful snow engine!


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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 雪人小火车
Danish Snelokomotivet
Dutch De Sneeuw Locomotief
Hungarian A Hómozdony
Italian La Locomotiva di Neve
Japanese オリバーとゆきだるま
Korean 눈사람, 눈사람
Latin American Spanish La Locomotora de Nieve
Polish Śnieżna Lokomotywa
Romanian Locomotiva de Zăpadă
Russian Снежный паровоз
Serbian Snežna Lokomotiva
Swedish Snölokomotivet
Turkish Kar Treni
Welsh Oliver y Dyn Eira

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