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2004 Book

“Oliver is our favourite snow engine!”
―the children

Snow Engine is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


During the winter, Oliver collects passengers when the roads are closed due to deep snow. Toad thinks the snow is fun, but Oliver disagrees. One day, Oliver is puffing through the village in the mountains when he sees some children playing and making a giant snowman. Oliver does not see the appeal of getting cold and wet and steams off as fast as he can. Each time Oliver goes through the village, the snowman gets bigger and bigger. Toad is amazed, but Oliver will not stop to look as he just wants to get back to his shed.

One afternoon, the Fat Controller asks Oliver to make a delivery to the mountain village. Oliver complains, but the Fat Controller reminds him that really useful engines work hard whatever the weather. Soon Oliver's trucks are loaded and he and Toad set off. The track is very slippery and Oliver skids off the tracks right into the giant snowman. Oliver feels awful about spoiling the children's snowman. Oliver's driver goes for help, but the breakdown train is not available until the following morning. The driver tells Oliver that he and Toad will have to spend the night where they are. Oliver groans as icicles form on his funnel and his fire goes out.

The next morning, the children gather around Oliver while he is still fast asleep. The children have an idea. When Oliver wakes up, he finds that the children have dressed him up like a snowman. Oliver is very pleased. When Duck arrives with the breakdown train, Oliver does not want to leave. Oliver finally agrees that snow is a lot of fun, but now it is Toad who is not so sure.





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