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Snow Engine and Other Stories is a Danish DVD featuring thirteen seventh series episodes. It was released under the title The Snow Engine for Swedish audiences.



  1. Lighthouse
  2. Bill, Ben and Fergus
  3. Snow Engine
  4. The Most Beautiful Engine
  5. Emily's New Cars
  6. Fergus Breaks the Rules
  7. A Spotless Reputation
  8. Peace and Quiet
  9. Trusty Rusty
  10. The Flying Elephant
  11. The Opening Ceremony
  12. The Fishing Village
  13. Not So Hasty Puddings


  1. Salty's Stormy Tale
  2. Bill, Ben and Fergus
  3. The Snow Engine
  4. The Best Decorated Engine
  5. Emily's New Coaches
  6. Fergus Breaks the Rules
  7. The Spotless Record
  8. Peace and Quiet
  9. Trust Rusty
  10. Runaway Elephant
  11. The Grand Opening
  12. Nice Fish
  13. No Hasty Puddings


  • In the Swedish DVD, Snow Engine is renamed "The Snow Engine", Best Dressed Engine is renamed "The Best Decroated Engine", Trusty Rusty is renamed "Trust Rusty", The Runaway Elephant is renamed "Runaway Elephant", Something Fishy is renamed "Nice Fish", and Not So Hasty Puddings is renamed "No Hasty Puddings".
  • An image from The Fogman is used on the spine.


  • The back cover of the Danish DVD states that the episodes are presented in 4:3 fullscreen, but they are actually presented in 16:9 widescreen.

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