“Snowploughs are bothersome things. They make an engine look unfashionable!"
"Pulling the express with a snowplough on the front sounds really special to me!”
―Thomas and Henry

Snow Fun for Henry is a magazine story.


One snowy morning, the Fat Controller comes to the shed to speak to Henry. He tells the green engine that he will have to pull the express, wearing a snowplough. Not many passengers are expected due to the weather. Thomas thinks snowploughs are unfashionable and bothersome, but Henry is excited about pulling the express with a snowplough.

At the main station, all is quiet and Henry is disappointed as there is no-one there to greet him. The driver tells his engine to cheer up; it is still early and no-one works during the Christmas holiday.

At the next station, icicles hang from the footbridge as Henry pulls up to the snow-covered platform. The stationmaster is there and says he has never seen the station this quiet before. Henry is upset; what is an express without passengers? Henry's driver starts to feel sorry for Henry and rushes to make a call to his family at Wellsworth.

When he pulls into Wellsworth, Henry gets a surprise. The station is lined with snowmen of all shapes and sizes. Henry thinks he must be dreaming; there is no way an army of snowmen want a ride in the express. Then, Henry hears a chorus of voices and suddenly lots of children jump out from behind the snowmen, pelting Henry with snowballs. The children then proceed to board the express with their sledges. The driver is happy for Henry; no fun turned into snow-fun with one little call.



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