“It's a snow animal with a long neck!”

Snow Shapes is a magazine story.


One snowy day, Thomas returns to the yard after a busy morning. He sees a funny shape that looks like a snow animal with a long neck near the shed. Suddenly, some of the snow slips away and Thomas can see it is his friend, Harvey underneath the snow. This gives Thomas an idea for a game involving spotting snowy shapes and trying to guess what they are. They start with a shape behind Harvey who has no idea what it is. Thomas puffs past it and the slipstream blows the snow away revealing a wheelbarrow.

Later, Harvey follows Thomas past the canal. This time they see a long white shape. Before Harvey can guess what it is, the shape chuggs into life; it is a canal boat. Both engines continue on their way to work at another station yard.

As they approach the station yard, they see a giant snowball hurtling down the hill towards them. It just misses the engines and hits the station wall. Some children slide down the hill looking for something they just dropped. Harvey asks if they are looking for a snowball and the children tells them it is just a regular ball covered in snow. Thomas tells Harvey he guessed wrong that time.



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