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“You'll need your snowplough for the next journey, Thomas.”
―Thomas' driver, Thomas, Terence and the Snow

Snowploughs (US: Snowplows) are devices used by the engines to clear snow from the tracks as they pull their trains during winter. They are usually fastened onto the engine's front buffers and push the snow aside when the engines run through it. Most snowploughs are painted in the colour corresponding to their engine's livery.

Some engines are known to hate their snowploughs as they tend to be uncomfortable, such as the case with Thomas, but Thomas got used to his snowplough after the episode No Snow for Thomas, though he still grumbled about it in future episodes.



  • Toby was only seen wearing a snowplough in The Railway Series. In the television series, his cowcatchers double as built-in ploughs, but as seen in the episodes It's Only Snow and Love Me Tender, they work best with light layers of snow and particularly low drifts.
  • Terence has been the only non-rail vehicle to be seen wearing a snowplough.
  • Duck's snowplough used to share the same design as Donald and Douglas' original snowploughs. It was then utilised by Percy in the ninth series episode, Keeping Up with James. Starting from the eighteenth series, Duck wore a snowplough to the same design as Thomas'.
  • In The Railway Series book Thomas' Christmas Party and the sixth series episode, It's Only Snow, Thomas wore a different snowplough than his usual blue one.
  • For the ninth series, all the engines except Thomas and Percy had silver snowploughs, with the sides of each plough painted in the same livery as the engine who wore it.
  • Starting from the seventeenth series onwards, all of the engines' snowploughs were painted in the liveries corresponding to them and are based on the design of Thomas' snowplough, excluding Victor's, Donald's, Douglas', Henry's, Gordon's, James' and Emily's. In the merchandise ranges, excluding the Donald and Douglas Snowplough set from Motor Road and Rail, all the engines' snowploughs are based on the design of Thomas' snowplough.
  • Victor is the only narrow gauge engine to have a snowplough.
  • Starting with the twentieth series, Donald and Douglas' snowploughs are the same designs as Emily's, as is Spencer's in the twenty-first series.
  • Most of the snowploughs in the merchandise ranges are not removable.
  • Starting in Big World! Big Adventures! and the twenty-second series, Yong Bao gains a snowplough of the same design as Gordon's and Henry's, and Nia gains one of Thomas' design, although her's is black (yet her TrackMaster Push Along snowy variant is depicted with an orange plow). Likewise, Rebecca gains one to the same design as Emily's.
  • As of the twenty-third series, Gordon's snowplough has changed to the design used by Emily.
  • Dustin and Marshall have rotary snowploughs as they are snowplough locomotives.
  • The tenth series was the only series not to have an engine wear a snowplough.
  • Nia and Hiro have the same snowplough, in structure and livery. This also applies to Donald and Douglas and the Larger Mean Engine.
  • Gordon is the only engine on the Island of Sodor known to have an alternate snow clearing device other than a snowplough, that being his own snow machine.
  • No diesel engines have ever been seen wearing snowploughs throughout the entire franchise's history.
  • In the books Valentine's Day in Vicarstown and A Valentine for Percy, Percy could be seen wearing a blue snowplough, resembling Thomas and Edward's current ploughs. Terence also features a different snowplough in the books, as it is depicted as front loader bucket much like his motorized Motor Road and Rail toy.