“Just like those horses, Rosie's snug in her rug too!”

Snug in a Rug is a magazine story. It was republished in 2012 without a title as a bedtime story.


One winter's morning, the wind is whistling around Duck's wheels as he is dropping off a load of covered hay bales at the stables. Duck then spies some horses with warm-looking blankets. When the flatbed is emptied, the tarpaulin is folded up and placed into Duck's truck. On his way home, he passes Rosie and hears a loud crack; Rosie has cracked a driving wheel and cannot move. Duck promises to bring Rocky and some engineers. Rosie's fireman then has to put out her fire to stop her making steam. But without the heat, Rosie is freezing cold. Duck remembers the horses and knows how to help. He asks his crew to put the tarpaulin from the truck over the top of Rosie's boiler. It takes two hours for Duck to return with the engineers and Rocky, so Rosie is very grateful for Duck's truck-cover.



  • The tarpaulin is said to be placed in Duck's truck, but he is only pulling a flatbed.
  • Rosie has a golden boiler band around her smokebox and golden siderods.


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