Sodor: Reading Between the Lines is a Railway Series and Sodor information book written by Christopher Awdry and published in 2005.


Christopher Awdry repeatedly requested the publisher to reprint The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways written by his father the Rev. W. Awdry and his uncle George Awdry, but they did not reprint.[1] So he offered to buy the copyright of the book, but this too has been refused.[1]

Judging by the high prices asked on the second-hand market for the book, this is plenty of demand for the background information to the Railway Series, Christopher decided to write a new book.[1] A new information book written by him was published from his publisher in the end of May 2005 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Railway Series.[2]


  • Introduction - A brief discussion of how the books came to be.
  • The Island and its Railways - This section talks about how Sodor came to be and the history of each of its railways.
  • Characters in the Stories
  • Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered
  • The Stories, Their Origin and Location - this section talks about Railway Series books 1-40.
  • Thomas: A Crown Worth Fighting For
  • A full sized map of the Island of Sodor.





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