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Sodor Airport is the main airport on the Island of Sodor and the home of Jeremy. It is located south-east of Maron. A station for the North Western Railway is located alongside the airport.


Thomas & Friends

The airport was built in the special Calling All Engines! Its construction was delayed by fighting between the steam and diesel engines. Thomas later convinced the steam and diesel engines to work together to complete the airport in time for the first aeroplane to land.

Not long before the plane was due to arrive, Thomas was shunting some trucks into the siding, but they derailed due to buckled rails and knocked down the water tower, causing the runway concrete to crack. Fortunately, Thomas was able to solve the problem by enlisting the help of George to tarmac over the cracked runway and Diesel 10 to help move away the wreckage of the water tower. The water tower was later reconstructed following the incident.

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  • Though the airport first debuted in the television series in 2005, it had previously appeared in the 2004 magazine story, Holiday Hat.
  • The 2010 and 2018 maps incorrectly show it located at Vicarstown and south of Kellsthorpe Road. The newer maps show an abandoned airport south-east of Kellsthorpe Road station (and not at Vicarstown) on a branch line of its own off of the main line.
  • When the airport was built in Calling All Engines!, there were seven railway tracks passing it and several sidings. However, from the tenth series onwards, there were only three tracks, and a platform was also added.