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The Sodor Animal Park, also known as the Sodor Wildlife Centre, is a zoo on the Island of Sodor. It is served by a halt on the Brendam Branch Line, named Animal Park.


Thomas & Friends

Once, Thomas delivered a giraffe to the park for its grand opening. An elephant once escaped from the Animal Park when a tree knocked down the wall of its enclosure. Charlie raised the alarm, and soon the elephant was back where it belonged. Later, Emily was tasked with transporting a globe here, which was then installed near the entrance.

When a new elephant was to come live in the park, Nia was tasked with transporting her. However, this elephant was an unfriendly one, who didn't like steam engines and refused to board Nia's wagon. Nia worked very hard to get the elephant to cooperate, but what worked in the end was getting a second elephant from the park, which made the other one feel much better. As a reward for her hard work, the Fat Controller gave Nia the job of working at the park regularly, bringing animal feed from the Docks, fruit from the Farm, straw for the animals' bedding and giving safari rides to the visitors from time to time.

It has a small station platform. It has large gates at its entrance and fences painted in zebra stripes. In a magazine story, it is revealed that the park owns a zebra-striped buggy.

The Animal Park is located on Edward's Branch Line between Lower Suddery and Dingley Hall.

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  • Mammals
    • Elephants
    • Giraffes
    • Monkeys
    • Hippos
    • Camels
    • Zebras
  • Birds
    • Parrots
    • Ostriches



  • Prior to its introduction in the television series, the Wildlife Centre made quite a few appearances in books and magazine stories.


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