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The Sodor Brass Band is a group of musicians who originally came from the Mainland. They play music using brass instruments at special events and locations.


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The number of members in the band varies from as low as four to, at one time, ten. The most common composition of the band is six members, consisting of the bandleader, a tuba player, a drummer, a trombone player, a cymbals player and a trumpeter. It is also common for the band to perform with just four members, omitting the leader and the drummer.

Every summer, the Brass Band performs a special concert that is very popular with holidaymakers. Edward usually takes them to this concert, though one year he was unable to, due to getting in an accident at the Docks, so Bertie took the band instead. A storm the previous night had flooded several roads, and turned fields into mud, so Bertie ended up getting stuck. The Bandsmen used their instruments as an alarm, and Edward was able to rescue them and take them to the concert at Tidmouth Bay, which was a great success.


The Bandsmen wear scarlet tunics with a matching belt, black trousers with yellow stripes and scarlet caps, each with a black band and brass plaque.


Thomas & Friends



Magazine Stories

The Sodor Brass Band also appeared in the magazine story, The Best Band and were mentioned in the book Logan and the Big Blue Engines.

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  • Wooden Railway (decal, only available in the Logan and the Big Blue Engines set)
  • TrackMaster (decal, only available in the Connor's Race to the Castle pack)