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The Sodor Ironworks, also known as the Sodor Steelworks or the Smelter's Yard, is a special company that serves the Island of Sodor'Arry and Bert work here.

History and Operations

Thomas & Friends

The Sodor Ironworks is a large metal foundry, where scrap metal is delivered, melted down and repurposed. It is located south of Killdane, on the Killdane Branch Line.

The main building on the site is a large warehouse known as the Smelter's Shed. Inside the shed are a number of different tracks, a turntable, the manager's office, and a large claw known as The "Grabber".

The outside of the ironworks is littered with twisted pieces of scrap metal, including those of old steam locomotives. Because of this, many of the engines find the Ironworks to be rather spooky, especially so during the night, when falling sparks illuminate scary shadows inside the Smelter's shed.

Edward takes the trucks loaded of scrap from the Crocks Scrap Yard to here.

When Stepney accidentally lost his way in the mist, he wound up at the ironworks. 'Arry and Bert, the Ironworks' resident diesel shunters, attempted to scrap him using the "Grabber" but were fortunately stopped just in time by Sir Topham Hatt.

In Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Diesel 10 arrives at the smelters and tells his cohorts, Splatter and Dodge his plan to destroy the Magic Buffers that led to the lost engine. Toby, who had followed Diesel 10 to see what he was up to, distracts them by ringing his bell loudly. Diesel 10, in alarm causes his claw Pinchy to knock the shed over the three diesels, trapping them inside. Later, James was working at the ironworks, when Diesel 10 races inside with Junior on his cab and flings him onto James' roof. Diesel 10 tries to force them both into the smelting pit, with James' tender near inches from falling with the broken buffers, Junior uses the last of his gold dust supply, to teleport them away.

Donald once accidentally backs toward a set of buffers and derails into a ditch there. Thankfully, Douglas came to his rescue.

Thomas, Percy and Duck once had to collect some iron from here on Halloween night. After Thomas teases Percy to much with spooky antics around the smelters, Duck asks the manager to let Thomas stay behind and finish the work up. However, when Thomas accidentally sets off an old steam whistle, he becomes so scared, that he speeds away from the smelters as fast as he can, much to Duck's amusement.

Fergus, being tricked by Diesel, came to the smelters. When, Arry and Bert arrive and scare him away, Diesel is sent by Sir Topham Hatt to work there.

Thomas and Emily had to collect some iron from here, but when Arry and Bert spook them, this causes Emily to be covered by a tarpaulin and chase Thomas, Arry and Bert away.

In Calling All Engines!, Henry and Percy had to sleep in one of the sheds here, due to Tidmouth Sheds being rebuilt.

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