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“Hello! Are you happy to be here?"
―'Arry and Bert to Fergus, Fergus Breaks the Rules, seventh series

The Sodor Ironworks, also known as the Sodor Steelworks or the Smelter's Yard, is a special company that serves the Island of Sodor'Arry and Bert work here.

History and Operations

The Sodor Ironworks is a large foundry where scrap metal is delivered, gets melted down to become molten and is then used for constructing other things, especially for making furniture and buildings. The site consists of a large smelting shed with a large claw, a lot of sidings and a turntable, as well as a heap of twisted scrap metal and scrapped engines. The steam engines find the Sodor Ironworks very scary and frightening, especially in the dark, when fizzling sparks fall from huge ladles full of molten metal and when spooky shadows move around. At the back of the Ironworks, there is an abandoned smelting shed, now full of chains.

In Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Diesel 10 explained to his two sidekicks, Splatter and Dodge, his evil plans in a shed here. Toby overheard them and after ringing his bell to make his presence known, Diesel 10 accidentally knocked over one of the shed's supports, causing it to fall, trapping the three diesels for the night. Later, James was working at the Ironworks, but was then cornered by Diesel 10. Junior, who had been on Diesel 10's cab roof, was flung onto James' roof when Diesel 10 suddenly stopped in front of him. James began reversing, but accidentally crushed a small set of wooden buffers that stopped the engines from crashing into the melting pit behind them. Junior used his last supply of gold dust to escape and luckily, he and James were safely teleported away from Diesel 10, who was shocked to see them just disappear.

In Calling All Engines!, Henry and Percy had to sleep in one of the sheds here, due to Tidmouth Sheds being rebuilt.

The Sodor Ironworks is situated on the Killdane Branch Line, south of Killdane.

The site was first introduced in the fifth series and it appeared quite frequently after that until the twelfth series, where it made its final appearance, although the site has been mentioned quite frequently since the twelfth series.

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