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The Sodor Island Council is a government organization on Sodor.


The Sodor Island Council once made road improvements in Shiloh. The Council also owns George.

In 1960, after George crashed into Sir Handel's train, the Council sued claiming that according to regulations his driver should have stopped dead at the crossing and they asked for an Order that gates should be erected. Sir Handel counterclaimed against the Council for the careless driving of their steam roller and damages resulting therefrom. The Council lost the case shortly after.

In 1966, with the traffic build-up resulting from the Railway's Centenary publicity, it was found that the statutory level crossing precautions were causing unwelcome delays. Sir Handel, therefore, approached the Chairman of the Council and suggested that if they were willing to share the cost, he would be prepared to install a system of train-operated bells and flashing lights. This offer was accepted and harmony was restored once more.


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- MainGeorgeModel.png George is a grumpy green steamroller whose interactions with engines generally lead to trouble.


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