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The Sodor Line Caboose (also known as the Sodor Line Carriage) can be found on the North Western Railway. A caboose is the North American equivalent of a brake van.

The caboose is a manned piece of rolling stock that is usually coupled at the end of a goods train. Each caboose is equipped with a strong brake to assist with slowing and stopping the train. From here, the conductor can keep an eye on the train in case of any problems. It also contains a living space for the crew.


Thomas & Friends


Sir Topham Hatt once rode in a Sodor Line Caboose[3].

Three cabooses were once seen on the back of a set of three Express Coaches pulled Edward, Gordon and James each[4].


Despite not being depicted with a face, the Wooden Railway character card description refers to the Sodor Line Caboose as a sentient male character. His character card reads "Like all cabooses, the Sodor Line Caboose rides behind the other engines, bringing up the rear. Although he is never in the spotlight like Thomas and his friends, he is no less important"[5].

Technical Details


The Sodor Line caboose is based on a North American railroad caboose modified with screw-link couplings and buffers.


The Sodor Line Cabooses are painted red with black frames and white lettering reading "SODOR LINE" on its sides. They also have black roofs, grey chassis and orange doors.

The merchandise ranges have also depicted cabooses in yellow, blue and brown liveries.





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