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The Sodor Railway Repair is a specialized petrol-driven machine used for cleaning ballast on the North Western Railway.


The Railway Series

Prior to the events of Small Railway Engines, Sir Topham Hatt brought a Ballast Regulator to his railway. In 1967, he was used to haul and clear away ballast, and pack new fresh stones (from the Arlesdale Mines) within the trackbeds throughout the North Western Railway. During this time, he was usually seen working with Donald and Douglas.


Not much is known about Sodor Railway Repair's personality. However, his Wooden Railway box description, states he is a hard-worker that knows the true meaning of working on railways, and aims to make the rides safer and smoother for the engines.

Technical Details


Sodor Railway Repair's specific basis is unknown, however, he is based on a piece of rail transport maintenance of way equipment that specialises in cleaning track ballast of impurities. They are often used in conjunction with ballast tampers while maintaining track.


Sodor Railway Repair is painted yellow with the words "Sodor Chain Load Undercut" painted in red on his side.


Official Description

From Official Media:[1]

Sodor Railway Repair: The Sodor Railway Repair has an important job, clearing old ballast from the track and packing the sleepers (railroad ties) with fresh stones. This is one train that knows the true meaning of working on the railroad! Hard at work clearing old ballast from the track, the Sodor Railway Repair helps keep Thomas’ railroad in tip top shape.


  • He was the first and only non-human character in The Railway Series to wear glasses.
  • In The Railway Series, he was depicted with a black face, but his Wooden Railway toy is depicted with a normal grey face to match the other characters.
  • Despite being manufactured in the Wooden Railway range, his name, Sodor Railway Repair is technically inaccurate, as he is not strictly used for repair.



The Railway Series

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