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Sodor Roadways Ltd. is a company that provides bus and road freight haulage services across Sodor. It is a subsidiary of the North Western Railway.

History and Operations

The Railway Series

There is a goods shed at Ffarquhar, in the station yard, used for goods in transit via Sodor Roadways vans. The station forecourt is a regular calling place for Sodor Roadways coaches, such as Bertie, whose timetable and that of the Branch Line are co-ordinated to make connections with all trains possible.

Following a revolution in road transport in the late 1920s, it was found that Sodor Roadways could operate a more flexible service for Ulfstead than the North Western Railway ever could, and a agreement was reached for the Railway to drop plans to extend to the town. Through connections for both passengers and freight are provided between Peel Godred, Ulfstead, Ffarquhar and beyond, while their Circular Tours in Summer have put Ulfstead once more on the Visiting Industry’s map.

In the 1940s, a rail link between Arlesburgh West and Harwick was proposed, but was deemed unnecessary, for it was found that Sodor Roadways could provide adequate transportation for both stores and personnel.

At Skarloey, there is a depot for goods in transit, which are picked up for delivery by Sodor Roadways vans. Sodor Roadways coaches meet all principal trains, thus providing connections to and from the Culdee Fell Railway (meeting trains at Skarloey Road), Peel Godred and Harwick. Now that the Sodor Island Council has regraded the road down to the village, Sodor Roadways may be able to provide a cheaper and better service than an old self-acting incline used for the conveyance of luggage and other commodities between the station and village. The matter is under discussion.

Thomas & Friends

Introduced in Series 1, its buses are based at the Knapford Bus Yard, the company later bought some more unknown stations on Toby's Old Tramway after the line closed down, but some stations and parts of the line were reopened as a NWR Branch Line by unknown reasons.