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The Sodor Search and Rescue Centre is a rescue administration on Sodor and the home of Harold, Rocky, Captain, Butch, Belle and Flynn. It is located along the coast south of Maron and east of Suddery on the Main Line Loop.

It has a helipad for Harold, a shed for Rocky, Flynn and Belle, another shed for Butch and a dock for Captain.

Belle and Flynn officially joined the team in the special, Day of the Diesels.


Thomas & Friends

It is likely to appear in the twenty-third series.




  • The Search and Rescue Centre is made from Jobi Wood.
  • It is located near the Sodor opening of the Misty Island Tunnel.
  • One of the signs on the Search and Rescue Centre building depicts an ambulance, a fire engine, the company logo and Rocky. The road vehicles in the sign are based on those used in the Model Series.
  • The Search and Rescue Centre's CGI set was lost while transitioning from Nitrogen Studios to Arc Productions and had to be completely rebuilt based on photographs.
  • In Wild Water Rescue, the team celebrated their one-thousandth rescue.



Sodor Search and Rescue Centre

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