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The Sodor Tramways had a fleet of steam trams that used to work on its line.


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In earlier years, the tram engines served Great Waterton and other nearby villages. However, as road traffic increased, traffic on the Sodor Tramway decreased, and it was closed down. After the rediscovery of Great Waterton, Toby discovered the old tram sign and the Sodor Tramway Company was reopened[1]. Flora, a new steam tram, was then purchased to run the line[2].

No descriptions were given about these engines, about how many of them there were or what eventually happened to them. It is assumed they were scrapped, since prior to Flora's arrival, Toby was referred to being the only steam tram (and later the oldest) on Sodor.

Technical Details


The tram engine in the sign is based on the GER Class C53 0-6-0T Wisbech steam tram (reclassified as J70 by the LNER) built at Stratford Works. Twelve were produced. Toby and his brothers share the same basis.

The GER also had smaller 0-4-0 counterparts, the GER Class G15 (reclassified as Y6 by LNER). Ten were produced.

None of these trams survived preservation and have all been scrapped.


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  • The engine on the tram sign strongly resembles Toby, even carrying his number 7. Since the engine appearing on the sign is numbered, it can be assumed the Sodor Tramways owned at least 7 tram engines, with Toby most likely being one of them.
  • An illustration from the 90s, depicts a tram like Toby with the number 1, a black roof, dark blue cowcatchers and sideplates.


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