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Sodor and Mainland Railway Numbers 1 and 3 were the two other engines who worked on the Sodor and Mainland Railway with Neil.


The Railway Series

Upon its opening in 1861, the Sodor and Mainland Railway owned three identical engines, bought off-the-peg from Neilsons in Scotland. One of these was Neil, however it is currently unknown whether the other two were named.

When traffic from the Skarloey Railway was not enough to keep the railway running, one of these locomotives was sold off alongside Neil to raise funds for the struggling railway. While Neil went to the Crovan's Gate Mining Company, it is unknown where the other engine went.[1] The last locomotive - which was not sold off - is said to have been "worked to scrap iron and died in 1901," which brought services to a close[2].

Technical Details


The two other locomotives are said, like Neil, to be "off-the-peg" Neilson box tanks, a simple and robust class of engine built in Glasgow, Scotland and sold all over the world.[3] All members of this class were withdrawn and scrapped.


The liveries of the two engines is currently unknown, though they were more than likely painted dark green with "S & M 1" and "S & M 3" applied to their sides similar to Neil.



  • S&M 1 and 3, alongside Neil, were the very first known engines to ever arrive on Sodor in the RWS.