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“He's fallen in the water!”
―The trucks, after Thomas derails

Something Fishy is the fifteenth episode of the seventh series.


Arthur is new to the railway and is still learning his way around. One morning, he discovers the fishing village, and soon sees it as his favourite place on the island. That evening, the Fat Controller comes to the shed looking for an engine to run the line. Arthur hopes he will be chosen, but the Fat Controller ends up choosing Thomas, who is not very pleased. Arthur is disappointed when the Fat Controller sends him to haul coal to the Steelworks instead.

Later, Thomas is having a washdown when Arthur arrives and teases him. Thomas complains of the smell and Arthur knows he would be happier than Thomas if he was running the line.

Thomas is sent to collect some fish and is impatient to be loaded up when a fisherman tells him to enjoy the smell, to which Thomas snorts in disgust. When he leaves, the trip initially starts off smooth, but a set of malfunctioning points leaves the trucks the right direction, and Thomas diverted onto an old pier line. He falls through an uncompleted causeway gap into a tidal pool, much to the trucks' delight. When the Fat Controller hears the news, he checks the timetables and sends Arthur to assist Thomas.

Due to the heat, the ice keeping the fish fresh begins to melt and Thomas is worried that it will go off. Arthur is surprised to find Thomas in the water, but Thomas is not concerned about himself and tells Arthur to take the fish and leave him. Arthur takes the fish away and hurries to the Docks, delivering the fish just in time.

Later, Arthur finds Thomas in the fitter's yard, who proposes that they trade jobs. When the Fat Controller is looking for a replacement for Thomas, Arthur volunteers and asks the Fat Controller if he could run it permanently. The Fat Controller agrees and allows Arthur to run it. Arthur is proud to be running his routine work on the fishing line.




  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-fifth episode of the seventh series.
  • The line "He's fallen in the water!" is a quote often used in the radio comedy The Goon Show, of which David Mitton was a fan.
  • Due to scenes on one particular set across the season being filmed in one go, the scene of Arthur passing Duck and Percy and the coaling plant and the scene at the coaling plant in Peace and Quiet have the same arrangement of oil tankers and trucks in front of the coal hopper, the main difference being Duck and Percy have switched positions.
  • This episode marks:
  • This is one of several episodes from the seventh series to have its title card read on Nick Jr. and PBS half-hour nineth series airings.
  • The events of this episode are mentioned by Bill during the song Where in the World is Thomas? from Big World! Big Adventures!, although he said bridge and not pier.
  • The first shot of the episode features unused footage from the sixth series.
  • The title used in the Welsh dub is the same title used in the Welsh dub of the fifth series episode, Something in the Air.
  • In the UK, this episode aired before Peace and Quiet and Gordon and Spencer, meaning the British audience would not know who Murdoch and Spencer are.
  • In Australia, this episode was released early on VHS and DVD before Emily's New Coaches, The Spotless Record and Peace and Quiet meaning the Australian audience would not know who Emily, Arthur and Murdoch are.


  • When Arthur sees Thomas in the tidal pool and pulls the fish vans to the docks, he has Spencer's whistle sound.
  • Arthur is shown to be smiling when taking coal trucks to the Steelworks, despite the narrator saying he felt disappointed.
  • When Thomas arrives at the fishing village, there are dirty vans at both ends of his train, but when he goes over the bridge, both vans are at the front of the train. When Arthur takes them away, one of the vans is in the middle.
  • When Thomas falls off the pier:
    • The pier track shakes a bit; and the background moves slightly, indicating a film cut.
    • His tail lamp does not have a handle. But when Arthur arrives to pick up the vans, it gains a handle.
  • When Arthur passes through the Fishing Village for the first time, a camera shadow is seen.
  • In the scene at Knapford Sheds, Arthur's left eyebrow is smudged and Murdoch's left eyebrow has a scratch on it.
  • When Thomas is shown in the tidal pool, the end of the set can be seen behind him.
  • Henry's eyes are wonky when he is at Tidmouth Sheds.
  • The narration is out of sync until the scene of Thomas at the fishing village on the Nick Jr. airings of the ninth series.
  • Thomas' eyes are wonky right before he falls off the pier.
  • Thomas falls face first off the pier, but lands cab first.
  • When Arthur is leaving the fishing village, his eyes are wonky.
  • When Thomas is pushing the fish vans, the brake van has a light. But when Arthur takes the vans, the light is gone.
  • When Arthur arrives at the docks, the brake van's colour changes.


Trucks: [after Thomas derails] He's fallen in the water!

Thomas: Thank you for helping me.
Arthur: Thank you. I wish I had the fishing village line all the time.
Thomas: Then tell The Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt, because I don't like fish.


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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 腥臭的东西
Czech Rybí problém
Danish Fiskerbyen
Hungarian Halszag
Italian Il Villaggio dei Pescatori
Japanese アーサーとさかな
Korean 생선 냄샌 싫어!
Polish Zapach Ryby
Romanian Miroase a Peşte
Russian Что-то рыбное
Serbian Miris Ribe
Swedish Fina Fisken
Turkish Bu İşte Bir İş Var!
Welsh Drewdod

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