This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the PC game or the book.
“I can't work on an empty stomach!”
―the Fat Controller

Special Delivery! is a rebus magazine story.


One morning, the Fat Controller arrives at his office early to work on some new timetables. Soon, the engines set off for work too. Only Mavis is left with nothing to do. Usually, Mavis works at the quarry, but heavy rain has flooded it and forced it to close. Mavis begins to feel really useless.

Meanwhile, the Fat Controller is getting hungry. He decides to have some toast and marmalade, but the station café has run out of bread. The Bakery will not be open yet and the Fat Controller wonders where he can get some bread from. Mavis has an idea and offers to run along to the buffet bar at the next station. The Fat Controller is delighted; he cannot possibly work on an empty stomach.

As Mavis speeds away, the stationmaster rings the next station so that the bread can be ready for her to collect. In no time, the Fat Controller is happily munching on toast and marmalade. The Fat Controller calls Mavis a really useful engine which makes her very happy indeed.



  • The text says the Fat Controller is eating toast and marmalade, but the illustration actually shows him eating a sandwhich.

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