“Good morning, slow and slower!"
"Who are you calling slow?"
"Not very nice, is it?”
―Spencer, Gordon and Thomas

Speedy Steamies is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series. It was republished under the banner Bedtime Story, without a proper title, in 2017.


One bright day on Sodor, the engines are getting ready to start work. Gordon is pulling the express and Thomas is pulling Annie and Clarabel. Gordon boasts that he is so fast, he will finish before Thomas reaches the first station. Thomas states that doing your job is not a race.

Just then, Spencer puffs by taking the Duke and Duchess of Boxford on a tour of Sodor. As Spencer passes Thomas and Gordon, he calls them both "slow". Neither Thomas nor Gordon are very happy. Gordon challenges Spencer to a race; Gordon bets he can drop off all his passengers and get back to the water-tower before Spencer finishes his tour. Spencer accepts Gordon's challenge. Thomas says he will join in too, but Gordon and Spencer say he is too slow. This makes Thomas feel sad.

Meanwhile, Spencer is whizzing around the island. The Duke and Duchess are not happy; Spencer is going too fast for them to see the sights. Spencer tells them there is no time to stop.

Gordon is also hurrying around the island. He is going so fast that some passengers do not have time to get off at their stations. The two big engines are not doing their jobs well at all.

Soon, Spencer has finished his tour and is racing back to the water-tower. As he steamed around a corner, he slows to a halt. Spencer had been so busy racing around Sodor, that he had forgotten to take on water. Gordon is racing back, too. He rounds the bend and sees Spencer ahead of him. Gordon slams on his brakes, but it is too late. Gordon hits Spencer and comes off the rails.

Rocky is called to help the two engines. Just as he arrives on the scene, Thomas puffs by. He has completed his run. Thomas wonders what has happened to Gordon and Spencer, but the two big engines are too embarrassed to tell him. Rocky informs Thomas that they had been travelling too fast. Thomas tries to hide a little smile from the big engines as he puffs over to the water-tower.




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