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Spencer the Grand is a Chinese DVD featuring five episodes from the fifteenth season.


It is a very foggy day on Sodor. All the engines are asked to stay at Tidmouth Sheds by the Fat Controller. Spencer wants to get back to the Duke and Duchess' Summerhouse rather than stay at Tidmouth Sheds. Spencer can't find his way in the fog and arrives at Mavis's quarry and Whiff's Waste Dump rather than at the Summerhouse. Just as Spencer thinks he has arrived at the Summerhouse he realises he is back at Tidmouth Sheds. Thomas and the engines are kind to him and he realises he has been a silly engine. Now it is Spencer's turn to be kind and he goes to find Percy who is still lost in the fog. Spencer uses his whistle to find Percy and soon they return safely to Tidmouth Sheds.


  1. Surprise, Surprise
  2. Spencer the Grand
  3. Stop That Bus!
  4. Stuck on You
  5. Big Belle


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