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This article is about 'the DVD'. You may be looking for 'the magazine story'.

Spills and Thrills is a US/UK/AUS/Dutch DVD containing six episodes from the seventeenth series. The Australian DVD features a fourteenth series episode, and the iTunes release features a different seventeenth series episode, replacing one seventeenth series episode from the initial lineup. The Polish Audiobook features 2 seventeenth series episodes with redubbed audio.


The Island of Sodor is always bustling with activity, yet when the engines try to be "Really Useful" they often find themselves in some messy muddles!

James tries to prove he's not afraid of the dark, or too vain to haul smelly fish, but when he pulls the nighttime Kipper Express he gets more than he bargained for!

Stephen's need for speed, and Salty's need to impress sends them both into some sticky, slippery situations. Hiro shows Diesel that nice engines do finish first and Sir Topham Hatt shows you can't cry over spilled milk... twice!

It's full steam ahead for Spills & Thrills on Sodor!



  1. Away From the Sea *
  2. The Smelly Kipper *
  3. No More Mr. Nice Engine *
  4. Gone Fishing *
  5. Thomas' Shortcut *
  6. The Afternoon Tea Express

*Followed by a Bonus Feature


  1. The Smelly Kipper
  2. The Afternoon Tea Express
  3. Away From the Sea
  4. No More Mr. Nice Engine
  5. Gone Fishing
  6. Jitters and Japes*/The Thomas Way**

*DVD Only

**iTunes Only

Polish Audiobook

  1. Tuna & Thrills
  2. The End Of Mr. Nice Engine

Bonus Features




  • The "main feature" (as presented on the UK DVD) was shown at select Australian Hoyts theatres in January 2014, two months before the DVD was officially released.
  • The UK version comes with a free storybook.
  • This is the first episodic widescreen DVD release in the US.
  • This was the first in a new series of annual DVDs whereby six episodes from each series would be set aside for a direct-to-DVD premiere.
  • This is the last Thomas DVD to feature a DVD Game.
  • The DVD title is almost similar to Spills and Chills and Other Thomas Thrills.


  • Reginald Payne is credited for providing the illustrations in the Mr. Perkins' story time segment, but it is actually C. Reginald Dalby's illustrations that are used.
  • On the US Episode Selection menu, an image from Percy's Lucky Day is used for Gone Fishing.
  • In the US Language Menu, the image shows Thomas' wheels coming off the track a bit.
  • The UK back cover lists Away From the Sea and The Smelly Kipper round the wrong way.
  • Music is absent during the Mr. Perkins' postcard segment about the Blue Mountain Quarry in the French narration.
  • Cranky is a lighter shade of green on the US disc.
  • The Hulu description and date incorrectly refer to Spills and Chills and Other Thomas Thrills.



Wooden Railway

  • Porter (discontinued)
  • Hiro's Sticky Spill (discontinued)
  • Celebration Salty (discontinued)
  • James' Fishy Delivery (discontinued)


  • Spills and Thrills on Sodor (discontinued)
  • Edward and the Dairy Spills (cancelled)
  • James and the Flying Kipper (discontinued)
  • Whiff's Banana Blooper (discontinued)
  • Stanley's Construction Clash (discontinued)
  • Bash's Tree Tumble (discontinued)
  • Stephen's Sticky Delivery (discontinued)
  • Harvey's Heavy Hauler (discontinued)
  • Porter's Dockside Dash (discontinued)
  • Paxton's Blizzard Blunder (discontinued)
  • Special Edition Spills and Thrills Thomas (discontinued)


  • Handcraft Underwear

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