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Splendid Sight is a rhyming magazine story.


There are many different sights to see on the Island of Sodor, including hills, lakes and mountain views on the Skarloey Railway. There are parks, Henry's Forest, and lots of countryside. All of the Fat Controller's engines are very proud of the magnificent sights, but the people's favourite sight is the Main Station where engines can be observed busily working.



  • Peter Sam has his old funnel.
  • Gordon's, Peter Sam's and Henry's wheels are grey. In addition to this, Gordon's red lining is black.
  • Harvey's yellow lining around his name turns red, his siderods are red, his running board is white, when it should be black, and his buffers should be brown, not black.
  • Thomas is missing the yellow lining from around his cab windows.
  • Skarloey's nameplate and number has the same colours as himself.
  • Emily's buffer housings are red when they should've been black at the time.