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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story or the the record release almost the same name.

“So you're not going to scrap me?"
"Scrap Gordon? The fastest engine on Sodor? Who would pull the Express?”
―Gordon and the Fat Controller

Squeak, Rattle and Roll is the fifteenth episode of the eighth series.


Gordon thinks pulling the express makes him the most important engine on Sodor. While departing from Brendam Docks with the Express, he ends up making Diesel cross when he has to move to let Gordon through and, to spite him, tells Gordon that steam engines will soon be scrapped. Gordon dismisses the claims as nonsense, but when he starts to hear a squeaking noise from his wheels, he starts to fear that Diesel may be telling the truth, but when he encounters a hill, he discovers that the squeak disappears if he goes slowly.

The next day, Gordon is given the job of taking the Fat Controller and some children to Brendam for a boating trip, and as he is on his way to Knapford, he picks up speed and his squeaks begin again, and eventually starts noticing a rattle. Gordon starts to slow down again while having to choose between being late for going slowly or being scrapped when he starts to pick up speed. This results in the Fat Controller questioning Gordon for going slow and reminds him that he is the fastest engine on Sodor. Proud at these words, Gordon picks up speed and hears his squeak and rattle, followed by a knocking noise. However, Gordon ignores them as he ends up thinking that if this is going to be his last trip, he is going to make it count by going as fast as he can.

At Brendam, the children make it on time, while the Fat Controller notices the noise and does not have Gordon scrapped, but instead be sent to the repair yard. Gordon spends the following day in the repair yard having his pistons polished and his axles and wheels thoroughly lubricated. He finally no longer makes any more of the noises when he has to run quickly.




  • Going by production order, this is the sixth episode of the eighth series.
  • This episode is named after the Joe Turner song "Shake, Rattle and Roll."
  • A deleted scene implies that Thomas, Annie and Clarabel were due to appear in the episode. Had the scene not been deleted, the eighth series would have been the first series in which Thomas appears in every episode. It marks the second episode where Thomas only appears in a delete scene. The first being in the fifth series episode, A Surprise for Percy.
  • In the All Aboard with the Steam Team DVD, the narrator saying "One day, Gordon was pulling the express out of Brendam Docks. But Diesel was on the same line," is heard later than in television airings and other DVDs with the UK dub.
  • This episode marked the last of several things:
    • The last episode until the tenth series episode, Duncan Drops a Clanger not to feature Thomas.
    • The last appearance of the arched bridge on the other side of Gordon's Hill until Hero of the Rails.
    • The last appearance of Gordon's shocked and tired/embarrassed faces, as well as the last appearance of his depressed face in an episode.
    • The last appearance of the Rolling Gantry Cranes in an episode.
  • A deleted/edited scene shows the Fat Controller smiling in Gordon's cab.
  • This episode aired on 7th March 2005 when repeated on CiTV.
  • Gordon's squeaking noise would later be reused in the Shaun the Sheep episode, Two's Company and the Mickey Mouse short, Doggone Biscuits.
  • When the Fat Controller questions Gordon for going slow, the Fat Controller's Gauge 1 figure head from the third to seventh series can be seen in Gordon's cab.
  • In the first MiniMini airing of this episode, Michael Angelis' dub can be heard in the background as a dubbing track was not used, but it was fixed and in later airings and DVD Michael Angelis' dub is not heard.


  • Studio equipment is visible in the second scene.
  • When the narrator says "something was wrong," Gordon hits a branch above the track.
  • Near the end, the Fat Controller says that Gordon needed to have his engine looked at, but Gordon is the engine.
  • When Gordon was worried if Diesel was right about the Fat Controller scrapping him, he loses a coach. In the next shot, he regains it.
  • When Gordon pulls into Knapford, the clock reads 10:10, but the boat was to leave at 9:00.
  • When the narrator said "If he went slowly, the children would miss their boat trip," steam suddenly disappears from Gordon's face because of the face mask change, and in the shot of the children looking out the window, the scenery is moving the wrong way, as the coach window is not a bay window. The same mistake happens again when all the children are on board, the passenger window is facing the station.
  • When Gordon is being repaired, his eyes are misaligned.
  • When Gordon tells Diesel to move, his lamp irons are crooked.
  • Diesel jolts down at one point when he backs up.
  • In the German dub of this episode, Henry is called Harry by mistake.


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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Barulheira
Chinese Mandarin 嘎吱声咯咯声和隆隆声
Croatian Škripanje, Klokotanje i Valjanje
Czech Skřípot, chrastění a klepání
Danish Gordon får problemer
Dutch Hoor Wie Piept Daar, Kinderen?
Finnish Kalinaa
French À la Ferraille
German Reif für den Schrottplatz?
Hungarian Gordon meghibásodik
Italian Cigolii, Sferragliamenti e Cinguettii
Japanese キーキー、ガタガタ、コンコン
Korean 이상한 소리가 나요
Latin American Spanish Chirriar, Crujir y Rodar
Norwegian Piping, skrangling og banking
Polish Głośna podróż Gabrysia
Portuguese Barulheira
Romanian Scârțâind și Zdrăngănind pe Șine
Russian Скрепя, треща, но не сдаваясь
Scottish Gaelic Diosgail is Gladadiach
Spanish Chirriar, Traquetear y Rodar
Swedish Gnäller, skallra och knack

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