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Stacy Jones is the manager of Shining Time Station.


Stacy found Lily at Shining Time and took her to her grandfather. But even before Mr. Conductor made his way to the Island of Sodor, she realised there was danger afoot, and that all was not going to be well when he left, considering his diminishing supply of gold dust.


Stacy is bubbly, friendly and energetic. She can be stern when need be. She is a kind and caring lady with a passion for what she does.


Stacy appeared in Shining Time Station and Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


  • Didi Conn
  • Shinobu Adachi (Japan; Thomas and the Magic Railroad; voiceover)
  • Christin Marquitan (Germany; Thomas and the Magic Railroad; voiceover)
  • María Santander (Latin America; Shining Time Station; voiceover)
  • Liliana Barba (Latin America; Thomas and the Magic Railroad; voiceover)
  • Elsa Covián (Latin America; Thomas and the Magic Railroad; TV Version; voiceover)
  • Einat Glixman (Israel; Thomas and the Magic Railroad; voiceover)


  • While she does not do much in the final film, she had a much larger role in the original cut, as she and Billy Twofeathers try to figure out why Shining Time is beginning to decay after the gold dust's disappearance and P.T. Boomer's arrival.


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