“Ha, the nearest you'll get to a film star is an autograph!"
"Cheek! He's much too big for his buffers!”
―James and Thomas

Star Story! is a magazine story.


There is a very exciting rumour going about the Island of Sodor. Apparently, a famous film star is supposed to be visiting. The engines cannot wait to find out if it is true. Daisy can barely imagine carrying such an important passenger, but James is sure he will be given the job as he is the smartest engine. Thomas is not so sure that the Fat Controller will not choose a really useful tank engine for the special job.

However, it is James who is right. The Fat Controller chooses him to collect the famous film star from the airfield. Thomas is a bit upset, but the Fat Controller has a special job for him too. He tells Thomas to collect some supplies and take them to a new building site.

James reaches the airfield station just as the aeroplane lands. The film star steps out and the crowd cheers. Just then, Harold flies overhead and the wind from his blades blow the film star's silk scarf onto a nearby rooftop. The film star asks for someone to get it back, but no-one can reach it. At that moment, Thomas pulls up beside James with a cement mixer, a ladder, sand and more building supplies in his trucks. James explains what is going on and Thomas has an idea which he shares with his driver.

Thomas' crew unload the ladder. They lean it up against the roof and his driver climbs to the top. He can easily reach the scarf now and the film star is very pleased. The film star is eager to thank the little tank engine who came up with the idea. She rushes past James without so much as a glance. She calls Thomas a sweet little engine which makes him blush as red as James' paintwork.

The next day, a big photograph of Thomas and the film star appears in the newspaper. Thomas tells the other engines proudly that they have their own famous star now.



  • In the final illustration, part of Thomas' running board is red and his coal bunker is very extended.


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