“Now we have music while we work!”

Station Sounds is a magazine story.


The Thin Controller and his family have been on holiday and Thomas is given the job of collecting them from the airport. When they arrive, Mr. Percival has a surprise for Thomas - a loud sound that comes from a long horn. Mr. Percival explains that the instrument is called an Alp and he bought it whilst in Switzerland. The Thin Controller goes on to say that the reason he purchased it was as a special attraction for the passengers who use the little railway. A few days later, when passengers arrived at Top Station, they are greeted by a musician playing the Alp horn.

Soon, all of the engines at the Main Station hear about the musical attraction on the Narrow Gauge Railway and they want a musical attraction, too. The following week, Thomas takes passengers to a Brass Band concert - which gives Thomas an idea. The Fat Controller arranges for the Brass Band to play at the Main Station and everyone is delighted!



  • Thomas has no coal in his coal box.
  • The back of Thomas' cab is see-through.


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