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The Stationmasters are the managers of railway stations. It is their responsibility to ensure the stations are running efficiently.


A North Western Railway stationmaster's uniform consists of blue trousers, a black tie, a white shirt with a blue overcoat and a blue cap, with a brass plate on the front which helps differentiate them from other railway staff such as drivers, firemen, guards and porters.

On The Mainland, the stationmaster's attire is similar to the ones on Sodor, but with a black and grey colour scheme rather than blue. In China, their attire consists of a black and grey suit with a white shirt and red tie. In India, their attire consists of either a beige shirt, trousers and cap, or a white shirt with a red tie and a black cap. In Italy, their attire is similar to Sodor and the Mainland's, but with a blue and red colour scheme.

Voice Actors

The Abbey stationmaster:

The Callan stationmaster:

The Crosby stationmaster:

The Dryaw stationmaster:

The Dryaw Goods Station stationmaster:

The Elsbridge stationmaster:

The Indian Stationmasters:

The Italian Stationmaster:

The Kellsthorpe Road stationmaster:

The Knapford stationmaster:

The Lower Tidmouth stationmaster:

The Mainland Stationmaster:

The Maithwaite stationmaster:

The Maron stationmaster:

The Peel stationmaster:

  • Nobuaki Kanemitsu (Japan; Molly's Special Special)

The Lower Suddery stationmaster:

The Tea Room Station Stationmaster:

The Vicarstown Stationmaster:

The Wellsworth stationmaster:

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