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“Edward the steady is at the ready!”

Steady Eddie is the second episode of the twelfth series.


Edward is told to take a brass water wheel along the express line to Great Waterton Waterworks, but he opts to take the branch line so people can see him. Although Edward is warned that the line ahead is bumpy, he continues onwards as the school is nearby. He wants the children to see his magnificent waterwheel, but as he is travelling, the ropes dig in to the sharp sides of the waterwheel. After going up Gordon's Hill, the ropes tear in half, and the waterwheel comes loose. It rolls down the hill, onto some flatbeds Gordon is taking to the Smelters. Edward chases Gordon, going along every shortcut he knows. Edward saves it just in time and has it chained on so it would not fall off. Edward delivers the water wheel to the waterworks, where it is put on display.




  • Edited stock footage from Edward and the Mail is used, with the cows in CGI and birds flying.
  • This episode marks the first and last of a few things:
  • The water wheel is currently on display at Drayton Manor.
  • This episode aired before The Great Discovery premiered in the UK and Australia, meaning the audience may not have known about Great Waterton.
  • A scrap model of either Donald or Douglas is seen at the smelter's as well as City of Truro's model and tender.
  • The title is a reference to the Eddie Stobart mascot of the same name.
  • The footage of the water wheel escaping Edward's flatbed is slowed down.


  • When Edward goes onto the bumpy track, his front wheels derail.
  • In one shot of Edward on the bumpy track, his whistle is wonky.
  • Edward stops at a red signal right next to the school, but he is seen travelling much further past the school before he stops.
  • In the overhead shot of Edward passing the school, Edward's crew is missing.
  • In the first shot when Gordon arrives at the smelters, a small black spot suddenly appears on the track opposite him.
  • When Edward passes Oliver and Arthur, the latter's eyes are too far back in his eye sockets.
  • When the water wheel lands on Gordon's flatbed, it lands on vertical position. However, in the next scene it suddenly was turned and lands lying on its bigger side.
  • When Edward looks around, the end of the express line set is seen.
  • When the water wheel bashes Edward, his face is gone.
  • When the water wheel flies off the flatbed, it tips over before the camera stops.
  • The string used to make the wheel fly can be seen faintly.
  • When Gordon goes over the bridge, a wire in his cab is seen.
  • Edward and Arthur have the same whistle sound.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Eddie o Firme
Chinese Mandarin 稳定的艾德华
Czech Starý Dobrý Eduard
Finnish Luotettava Edvard
French Edouard et la Nouvelle Roue
German Der zuverlässige Edward
Indonesian Eddie Yang Stabil
Italian Edward la Roccia
Korean 착실한 에드워드 (Kids 1)
달려라! 에드워드 (EBS)
Latin American Spanish Eddie el Firme
Polish Pewny Edek
Vietnamese Eddie Vững Vâng

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