This article is about 'the DVD'. You may be looking for 'the book'.

Steam Engine Stories is a US DVD boxset.


  1. Tales from the Tracks - Get on board for more adventures with Thomas and meet the newest engines, Mighty Mac and Neville!
  2. Come Ride the Rails - Meet Molly, the newest member of the team, and Ride the Rails to fun and adventure. Thomas and the other really useful engines make tracks to great destinations!
  3. Track Stars - Meet our Track Stars - Thomas, Emily, Percy and James and join them for trainloads of fun, adventure and exciting journeys on the Island of Sodor!


  • All three images on the back cover are mirrored.
  • Mighty Mac and Neville are mentioned under Tales from the Tracks' description, but the former only cameos in two episodes on that release while the latter doesn't appear at all.


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