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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story.

“Sizzling Sodor! What has happened to my beautiful Steamworks?!”

Steamy Sodor is the fourteenth episode of the thirteenth series.


While Victor is visiting the narrow gauge engines at the Transfer Yards, Thomas is put in charge of the Sodor Steamworks. Thomas feels very excited; so excited in fact that he does not listen to Victor's instructions to ask the engines about their problems and to ask Kevin for advice.

Not long after Victor leaves, Spencer arrives and is very surprised to see Thomas in charge. Spencer needs his paint scratches touched up, but Thomas thinks that Spencer needs repairs, so he tells him to go onto the locomotive hoist. Then Henry arrives coughing and sneezing as his firebox needs cleaning out. However, Thomas thinks that some special coal will cure Henry, so Kevin collects some special coal whilst Spencer is still on the hoist. Then, James arrives with a blocked funnel, but Thomas thinks that James needs a new funnel, so he tells Kevin to collect one. However, Kevin gets so confused that he causes a load of coal that he is carrying to create a moustache on Spencer's face and worse still, Kevin accidentally turns on the hoist with Spencer still attached to it. Finally, Kevin bumps into James, who blows black soot out of his funnel, just as Victor arrives back early from the Transfer Yards.

Victor is shocked to see his Steamworks in a terrible mess and Kevin thinks that, as he is clumsy, it was his fault. But, Thomas owns up that he was too excited about being in charge of the Steamworks that he did not listen to anyone. However, with much-needed assistance from Victor, Thomas puts everything right. First, Thomas and Victor listen to Spencer, who does not want to go on the hoist but needs his scratches touched up. Next, they listen to Henry, who already had his special coal, but needs his firebox cleaned out. Finally, they listen to James, who wants the twigs and straws unclogged from his funnel. When all of the engines were fixed up, they say thank you to Kevin, who calls Thomas "boss" instead.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

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  • In the first shot, Rosie's coupling rods do not move, and Emily whistles from her safety valve.
  • In the third scene, Gordon's right buffer is missing.
  • The narrow gauge track leading to the Skarloey Railway from the Steamworks is at the back, but Victor leaves through the front of the Steamworks. In addition, Victor seems to be puffing towards his shed, which ends at a dead end.
  • When Spencer is being lowered down from the hoist, James and Henry are not covered in soot.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Arabic موسم الصيانة
Catalan Enrenou al taller
Chinese Mandarin 冒蒸汽的多多岛
Czech Sodorské starosti
Dutch Thomas Heeft de Leiding
Finnish Tuomas Pomona
French L'atelier de réparation de Thomas
German Zuhören hilft!
Greek Αναςατωσν στο συνεργείο ατμό μηχανών
Hungarian Thomas a műhelyfőnök
Icelandic Verkstæðisblús
Indonesian Sodor yang Penuh Uap
Italian Thomas, il capo Officina
Japanese ドタバタせいびこうじょう
Korean 일일 대장, 토마스 (dub)
토마스의 새 임무 (subtitles)
Latin American Spanish A Todo Vapor
Norwegian Sjef for en dag
Polish W warsztacie
Romanian Aglomeratul Sodor
Russian Кто здесь главный?
Serbian Sodor pun pare
Swedish Chef för en dag

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