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“Maybe next time you should be in charge!”
―Thomas to Kevin

Steamy Sodor is a magazine story illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One day, Victor was away doing another job and Thomas took over for him at the Steamworks. Before he left, Victor gave Thomas plenty of instructions to follow, but the tank engine was too excited to listen.

That afternoon, Spencer puffed into the Steamworks. Before waiting to hear what was wrong with the silver engine, Thomas ordered him to be put on the hoist. Both Kevin and Spencer were confused, but Thomas would not listen to them. Just then, Henry wheeshed in coughing and spluttering. Thomas immediately decides that the problem must be with Henry's coal. Next, James rolled in with a blocked funnel. Instead of just cleaning it, Thomas thinks he should have a new one fitted.

Kevin was worried; Henry was still spluttering and Spencer was still on the hoist. The crane was so confused that he presses a button on the hoist which lifts Spencer up. Then Kevin drops some coal near Henry, making him sneeze. This causes Henry to biff into James who puffs out a big cloud of thick black smoke, just as Victor returns. Thomas was very sorry, he realised that he should have listened.

Soon Spencer was painted, Henry's firebox had been cleared out, and James had his funnel emptied and polished. Afterwards, Thomas thanked Kevin for all his hard work and suggests that next time perhaps the little crane could be in charge. Kevin blushed right down to his hazard stripes.




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