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Stefano is a huge amphibious cargo ship from Sicily, Italy.


Thomas & Friends

Stefano first met Thomas when he came to pick up some cargo for the Museum of Archeology and surprised him with his classic landing trick. He then explained to him the story of the Lost Engine, prompting Thomas to seek him out in an old mine.

Stefano later met up with Thomas and Gina again, bringing with him the Sodor Construction Company to help out Ester. Later on, while he was travelling along the coast, he came across Beppe, along with Lorenzo and Thomas, hanging off the edge of a cliff and lifted them onto his deck to take them to a workshop on dry land to be restored and repaired.

When Thomas lost his voice after trying to perform opera, he had to signal with his whistle to tell Stefano to wait for Gina.


Stefano is a huge amphibious vehicle who can transport engines and other vehicles around the world. He is a bit of a showboat and loves to wow people with his amphibious ability, reveling in their surprise. He is a confident performer and raconteur who likes to tell stories and sees himself as a boat of the world. Stefano can be quite charming and gentle and is not really as full of himself as his pompous manner might suggest. There is a genuine warmth to his larger-than-life, friendly personality, and he truly cares about others.

Technical Details


Stefano somewhat resembles the LARC-LX with added treads, a crane and a cab.


Stefano's cab is painted red with a black roof, while his hull is painted orange with yellow and black hazard stripes and his crane arm is painted yellow.


Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Series 23 Series 23


  • Stefano is the only Italian vehicle character from the twenty-third series not to reappear in the twenty-fourth series.
  • Stefano's back wheel is re-used from Butch, but significantly upsized.
  • Stefano's Capsule Plarail toy, like those of Beresford and Flying Scotsman, was released in sections rather than all together due to being too large to fit into a standard gashapon capsule.



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